Greg. Oil Portrait with accoutrements

Pricing and Specifications for Portraiture

Each hand-painted portrait can be created to specifications.  There are three categories for size and medium listed below.


Headshot (shoulders and up)  $450

Full FIgure $600

Figure in the landscape $750


Headshot (shoulders and up)  $350

Full Figure  $500

Figure in the landscape $650 


Headshot (shoulders and up)  $150

Full Figure  $400

Figure in the landscape $550

I am more than happy to work with you on any setting or position not mentioned above.  I am also available to consult on framing.  Prices listed do not include shipping.  Out of state travel expenses will be covered by the client.


Whenever possible, I prefer to do a quick study in person for adults.   This would require 1-2 hours of the model sitting for a painting session.  Following, I will take pictures to use as reference for the final painting.  For children, I ask that we work from photographs only as they are not too keen on sitting for this length of time.

If out of state, I can work from photographs provided by the client.  Please try and use natural or soft lighting and no flash.  Image needs to be atleast 3MB and can be sent via email.

Contact Ingrid Shults

(928) 607-1702