Faultlines of a Saint: Financial Advice


This is a new extension of the previous series. Sage-like wisdom, financial advice, and pastoral landscapes collide.
Faultlines of a Saint: Financial Advice, 24" x 32.5" x 2.5", oil on panel.

Keywords: portrait, sage, saint, text on painting, Contemporary Painting, financial advice, irony, landscape

The Totem arrives...

This new piece was somehow created amidst moving to another state.  


"Totem", oil on brass, 23" x 20" x 3".


In this work, I wanted to create an ambiguous image of figures (men) either pulling each other down or possibly hold another up to create a totem or something bigger than themselves.  It was created with strong references to religious visual narratives

Shemer Art Center

I will be teaching a concept development workshop for mixed media at the Shemer Art Center in Phoenix, AZ. November 14 - 16th.

All Levels
Friday 6pm - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 3pm
11/14/14 - 11/16/14
3 sessions

I will review concepts in contemporary art and guide you through exercises to help build a strong concept in your art. Register below:


South Bay Contemporary

Flying Abbey has a piece in the juried show, "Fresh" at the South Bay Contemporary gallery. Opening November 8th - December 28th and juried by LA Art Critic Mat Gleason.  Join Mat for a curator's walk through November 23rd from 2 - 4 pm.  Very excited to show alongside these artists.


Paint meets metal

Grace Under Pressure.  Oil on copper sheet mounted to wood panel, 13" x 9".

This marks a new body of work.  I am lucky to have inspiration for this one.  This started as an experiment on copper sheet.  I wanted to work with the oil medium with a more aqueous approach and started to experiment with diluting the pigment with turpentine.  This process, oil pouring, requires a certain "controlled chaos" approach.  I found that I really had to work with the medium when and how it wanted to work.  I ordered more copper sheets and can't wait to started poring my layers!